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I really should update. I should talk about how much I love my apartment. How I've been getting nothing done because I spend waaay to much time engaged in activities are not condusive to a strong academic career. I should also mention all the juicy gossip that is going on (and trust me, its good) or about my job at Panera.

But I cant be bothered to, so I'll put it into a poem

Classes suck
Theres nothing new
I burned my thumb at work
I should sue!

My car is a piece of crap
Theres always something wrong
I have no night classes!
But my days are long

I smell like bread
My room looks great
Ian and Tom are always over
So theres never a clean plate

I smoke too much
I skip class all the time
My senior year of college
Its starting off fine
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what the hell

Ten random things about yourself.
10. My super-power involves the cunning manipulation of gravity
09. I have the sick sense
08. They're real
07. My tears cure cancer. Too bad I never cry.
06. I know the last digit of Pi
04. I died so many years ago, but you can make me feel, like it isnt so
03. Is my lucky number
02. I support Team Brangelina
01. I play a major role in the appocalypse but I don't know which side I'm on.

Nine movies that you love. (in no specific order)
9. Boondock Saints
8. Lion King
7. Brokeback Mountain
6. Moulin Rouge
5. Devil's Advocate
4. Pride and Prejudice
3. Fight Club
2. Lord of the Rings
1. Princess Bride

Eight things that you hate.
8. Stupidity
7. Ignorance
6. Blind faith
5. Whirled Peas
4. Hangovers
3. Spandex
2. Whistling
1. Plans getting fucked up at the last minute

Seven things you did today.
7. Had a very interesting dream
6. Played Marco Polo
5. Solved another friend's crisis
4. Read an article about Oprah
3. Ate Chinese food (on a Sunday? Must be a Jew)
2. Read "America: The Book"
1. Wore Red White and Blue

Six words you'd use to describe yourself.
6. Overrated
5. Overwhelming
4. Overtired
3. Underlined
2. Understanding
1. Under black light I glow purple

Five things you are thinking now.
5. I am so relieved that my granpa is home
4. I shouldnt have had that ice cream
3. Screw bold and italics. I want to write in sarcastic
2. This survey is a waste of time
1. I'm going to sleep till noon tomorrow

Four things you are waiting for.
4. Wuv. Twu Wuv.
3. Godot
2. The Ultimate Question. (The answer is 42)
1. That damn Number 4 bus

Three things you regret.
3. Forget Regret
2. Or life is
1. Yours to miss

Two websites you often visit.
1. The Superficial

One thing that has changed your life forever.
1. A music box
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Grain of Sand

(no subject)

Now,this may destroy the livejournal site. In fact the site may not be able to handel the lack of emo that the statement I am about make has. Theres no Manson playing in the back ground. And absolutely no elipses:

I had a great day. I am happy and well ajudsted.

For today. I finally viewed an apartment that wasnt dirty, or moldy, or completely unlivable. Yes, the application is completed. I will email pic to Tina and Scott and fax them the apps if they like the place. And rent, you may ask? A mere $655 a month + ultil. I am justifyable excited. I just want it done with.

Deanna and Bailye are letting me crash at their place while looking for a place to live and its been a blast. They were out at D's parents today so I had the whole place to myself. After the rave and orgy ended I made some lunch and watched a weird conglomeration of movies: end of the Notebook, Closer, most of Bride and Predjucie (the Bollywood P&P in case youre wondering) and Ocean's 12. Decided to get in car and go shopping (bad idea to start with as i just paid off an $800 credit card bill!!! Damn you London-still haunting me). SHIT! I dont have change for the tolls. I must be sneaky and see if i can get there using a different route. ADVENTURE!!!!! Music blasting! Hair whipping in wind. I am so cool and so very lost. Finally get there. First purchase is very sexy Versace knockoff sunglasses. Bought very sexy shirt from PAC SUN and then bought a very sexy pair of black pants in GAP then found out they were 40% off so i bought another pair in a different colour! Overall I felt very good about myself. Which is a completely foreign feeling so I almost didnt reconize it. And then drove home in new sunglasses windows down TOWARDS THE SUNSET listening to The WHO and The Killers. Like a fucking movie.

Man, if all I have to do is spend $60 on new clothes and $40 on gas to feeling about myself how good I felt today, I'd say its $100 well spent. Cause you know what I realized today? Im fucking awesome. And so are you. Man I love you guys. <3 LOVE <3 LOVE <3 LOVE

If I start to skip someone please shoot me
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Best Camping Trip Eva!

"Two Households" Cries Laura joyously
"Both alike in dignity" Say I with equal glee
"IN FAIR VERONA WHERE WE LAY OUR SCENE" We scream with happieness.

Now we finally got to Coraucaunt,
The Jedi council we knew we'd want,
to see how good the boy could be,
::so we took him there and we told the tale::
how his medichlorians were off the scale,
and he might fulfill that profacy,


xoxox Blue Mounds ::hee hee::
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Grain of Sand

Is that a 4th update? So soon?

Why yes. Yes, you deserve an update.

Wednesday night: Andrea’s last night. We get dolled up and head out to Walkabout for their student night. Cheap drinks ensure we will have enough money to get home, Hot guys ensure we have fun. I dance, I make a complete idiot out of myself, but I have fun. Andrea teaches a group of Chinese student how to “mow the lawn” and “start the car”. God bless the 80s. Everyone is leaving and Andrea still has to pack-we head home, help her pack, and say the first of our goodbyes.

Thursday: I awake earlier than I had wanted to. It was my first Thursday without classes in 10 weeks, and knowing that I didn’t have to get up for anything special I decided that I would treat myself and sleep till noon. At 9:00 my eyes spring awake and no amount of internal cajoling will make them close again. Oh well. As I wait on the couch in our living room I notice that the sun has finally decided to shine upon London. As Laura stumbles into the room with a bowl of cereal I jab my finger towards the window. Look! Sun! We decide that today is finally the day we can fulfil the one requirement we made when we first got here: have a picnic in Regents Park. Our flatmates Nikki and Mallory are going to Spain later in the day so they don’t want to join us-fine. We go to FSU one last time to drop off our books and head towards the park. It’s a gorgeous day. Hot sun, cool wind, and the trees and flowers are finally blooming. It will still be another month or two before the trees are green again, but the flowers are perfect. We sit right near the lake and watch the people in paddleboats. We recite the limerick from Bridget Jones Diary (because we’re sitting exactly where it was filmed) and laugh. We eat our lunches and just lay back and catch some sunlight. Later we have a goodbye dinner with the rest of the program. We’re not really looking forward to it mostly because the only people we like have already left or are on a trip. We get really really stoned. We decide to walk through the park to help us sober up-it doesn’t help. At All. (Dinner is a great story but needs to be told in person).

Friday: Museums- the Victoria and Albert, which I have been to so I take my charcoals and a sketch pad and work on my shading while Laura wanders around. After a couple of hours we cross the street to the Science Museum. Madness ensues! I run around with children and I touch everything. I’ve tired myself out and I want to go home and sleep. The flat decides to watch Moulin Rouge and we sing ourselves silly.

Saturday: We’ve agreed to entertain Mallory’s friend Bree who is staying with us even though Mal is in Spain. We decide to take in a matinee of Les Miserables. It is Spectacular Spectacular, still my favourite musical of all time. We stop in the Albany for a couple of drinks and I discover STRAWBERRY beer. It was lovely. When we get back I aim our friend Samantha who has been asking to have a Pride and Prejudice movie night. When she comes down our friend Dan is with her. I’m not sure why, but Dan sits and watches the whole movie with us, even laughing along. I assure Dan that telling women he has watched this movie will get him laid for the rest of his life. He tell just smiles.

Sunday: Laziest day ever. Didn’t even walk outside the apartment once.

What a perfect weekend. <3
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Udate le Third..Be warned. Its long..

Yes. I know. Its been a while. I have not been very good about keeping my friends abreast of what all is going on in London. Although I feel that if you truely wanted to know you would ask me and I have been fortunate enough to correspond with many of my friends either via email or AIM which i am not on as much as i should be. Ok. Apologises are made, now on to the update of glory.

Austria was amazing. Shari and I climbed a fucking mountain and as such now claim Austria for ourselves. Free beer and snow to the first 50 takers. I also went to Amsterdam over St. Patricks day weekend. My internship paid for me to go as we did have to particiapate in a free speech debate with Oxfam. I also had a fever of 101, a sore throat, and a deadly cough, but needless to say I was not missing out on a free trip to Amsterdam. Plus, I heard that Amsterdam was known for their "herbal remedies" Thank you Oxfam for paying for my weed. And yes, it is weird to enjoy in slighty illegal drugs with a co-worker ou have only known for two months. My mother btw sent me 50 Euro before I went with the note "don't let this all go up in smoke" written in the card. Im not positive but I think my mother gave me drug money. And you wonder why I am what I am. Besides teh cafes of course Amsterdam is a beautiful city. It is built around canals much like Venice and all of the buildings lean slightly forward so that things may be lifted through windows because the stair cases are too narrow to bring things up them. There was also a gorgeous museum with many works by Rembrant. I apologize to any Dutch people as I had no idea they had so much history nor even that thye had a golden period in the 1600s. Who knew?

There is only three weeks left of my internship and this program. I am not quite sure how it happened but everything has absolutley flown past. I am desperate to get home to be with my friends and my family including my grandfather who has officially beaten cancer!!!! There is also a new baby cousin to visit and a friend's sister who will be having a baby shortly after I return. However, even with all of that to look forward to I am still sad that my programs ends so early. There is still so much of England that I want to see and explore, but I suppose I have my whole life to do so.

My dad and brother are visiting me right now, although my brother is in Scotland for a few days and my father has gone to fetch his fiance from the airport... I am supposed to be studing for finals right now, but as you are well aware-I am not. I am going to take them to Bath on Saturday which is about an hour and a half outside of London. It was a main city when the Romans were in England and still has hot water baths crafted out of the rock bed, hence the name. Its been a interesting last few weeks as everyone's mothers or boyfirends have been visiting an dthe flat has seen more people in it than ever. I must admit, although I have no desire for a serious relationship it's been hard to once again become a third wheel. Instead I choose to go out to the clubs and indulge in the kinds of fun that my friends with boyfriends could not. Mostly, it has just been nice to have so many new people in the flat. Dad, Susan and Ian have a really nice studio in zone two in a really nice area and it's great to have a refuge for when i need to get out of the flat as we are starting to drive each other a little nuts.

After the three more weeks of my program I am supposed ot go to either Italy which SHari (who I havent heard from) or to Spain, with one of the other girls on my program. I will then be visiting an Aunt I've never met in Wales for Easter which hsould be fun if not a little strange. After Wales I will be heading to Ireland for ten days to visit friends of the family. I will also get to visit Ciaran, who some of you have met when he was in the states a few summers ago. He lives in Galway which is on the west coast of Ireland and so I will get to see him for a weekend. Needless to say I am very excited for that. The more I plan for Ireland the more time I want to spend there. Even just looking at the pictures makes me wish for nothing more than to be there right now. I fear it has captured my heart already and I wont want to leave.

My dad, as a special treat bought me Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly and the jaw-droppingly-amazing Matthew MacFayden. I have wathced it three times in the four days since they have been here and it is completely preventing me from getting any work done. I am completely infatuated with this story. I have also rented the BBC version which the outstanding and gorgeous Colin Firth and read the book...twice. Like many htings I cannot just enjoy it, I must obbsess about it. Altough I have obbsessed over many a stupider thing. I can feel the changes that I have gone through since I have been here. I feel more settle, more sure of myself, more sure of what I want to do and where I want to go. I also have been re-thinking my extreme stance on marriage, or my lack of desire to be so. As Elizabeth Bennet says "I am determined that nothing but the deepest love could ever induce me into matrimony." but that is still a step forward from never I believe. England brings out the romantic in me. Although it has been rather disapointing as well, no one has bowed to me once, or even doffed his cap. For shame- I shall place all my hopes therefore on Irish gentlemen. However, I believe it is time for me to return to my studies and I have taken up quite enough of your time. Much love to everyone.
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So I googled my name:

And this song came up:

Low Among The Roses

Lyrics and melody © 1999 by Catherine Faber
Arrangement © 1999 by Arlene "Callie" Hills

Will sang sweet as a courting dove
Shy as a doe was Mhari's love
She never dared her heart to show
Low among the roses oh,

Low among the roses
Low among the roses
She never dared her heart to show*
Low among the roses oh.

When Will would sing a courting song
Mhari used to sing along
Their voices danced where the willows grow
Low among the roses oh,

Willie said as spring drew near
"Friendship cannot keep me here
To seek my fortune I mean to go"
Low among the roses oh.

There they said their brief goodbyes;
Her heart spoke only from her eyes
He left her there with her head bowed low
Low among the roses oh.

Love that will not speak its name
Only has itself to blame.
I'll not end like Mhari, no
Low among the roses oh.

(I downloaded and it happens to be beautiful, but honestly...c'mon)
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Updoot the Second

London is absolutley amazing. Some days I'll just wander around around turning down streets that I haven't yet gone and find beautiful old churches or lively pubs or amazing shops. One day I was early for work so I continued walking down the street and discovered an old graveyard (pictures on The graveyard is old, so old that many of the words once ethced into stone have eroded away. The ones can still read date back to the 1500s. The stones are thin and look as though a strong wind could pick them up and remove any trace of the dead that lie there. The stones are green with moss that has dyed the cold gray stones. In the mornings there is a cold mist that rises just about the ground and all the noises of the street disapear. What is left is quiet, peacful, and magic.

My internship is amazing. I work in one large room with that is wall to wall papers, old reports, and anti-gun posters.There nine people who I work with and they could not be nicer or more supportive. International Action Network on Small Arms is alot more network than action. We are the puppet masters to groups all over the world. I have been spending my time reading through government debates finding support for arms controls and an arms trade treaty. I have been researching countries to prepare guides for photographers who will be traveling there. My hard work seems to have paid off as IANSA will be sending me to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for a weekend to represent the organization at a hip hop festival Oxfam is having!! We are all working towards the Review Conference at the United Nations in June/July. Becuase alot of what I have been doing wil be in preperation for this conference I have asked to be one of the interns they use. So hopefully I will spend a month at home and then fly to New York for the RevCon.

February 24th-27th I will be visiting my friend Shari in Salburg, Austria. I'm really excited to see her and hopefully we'll be able to sstuff alot into that one weekend. Salburg and Vienna are supposed to have some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. There is the possiblity that we will go to Vienna Italy at teh beginning of April. My dad and Susan and Ian are comming to visit me at the end of March and my mom might be comming at the end of my program. there is so much to look forward too that time is just flying by! I've been here nearly two months and have two months left to go.

The other people in my program are absolutley brilliant. We've gone clubbing and nearly took home a whole rugby team! We've hit the pubs (even one memorable time with our International Management teacher)! We saw The Lion King (even if its not high theatre). And even had a cocktail party. Tomorrow I'm going to Covent Garden and on Sunday Andrea and I are taking the train to the sea coast. Glorious.

Everything is illuminated-old and new, stone and grass, pubs and clubs! I love it.

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