January 16th, 2006

Update the First

London is overwhelming. There is so much to do and see and go to and taste and buy and experience and I love it. My roommate, Laura is very cool, very laid back, and reminds me a bit of Eina so it's been a smooth transition. My flatmates are allright, very nice but soroity girls. Our flat is TINY compared to everyone elses. A few more trips to Camden Markets though and I'll have enough colorful blankets and such to make it home-y. Pictures of the flat can be found on www.flickr.com/photos/mharihelen so I won't go into too much detail. I've realized that I cannot cook whatsoever and its much harder to do when you dont infact have anything in your cabinets. So far its been a diet of cereal and hotdogs, but as i love both I'm not et complaining. Unfortuantley for me my internship and classes dont start until next monday so I have a whole week off that everyone else doesnt. I considered going back up to Scotland but decided to check out some of Britains free museums.

I had read on mugglenet.com that they were holding open auditions for Luna Lovegood (a character in the Harry Potter for those of you who dont like how JK writes and therefore have not read the books signaling you out from understanding what I mean) in the next HP movie. Well I live in London right? Laura and I decided it owuld be a laugh to head down to the try-outs and see if we could get in, being neither british or 16 it wasn't a strong possibility. And then we saw the line... there was 15,000 people there waiting for their chance. So of course I took some pictures. Well I sent in a few of the pictures to mugglenet and am now disp[layed proudly so you MUST go check out http://www.mugglenet.com/index.shtml and see my name in all its glory. Mugglenetter Mhari. I like the sound of it.

Omg, theres just so much to tlak about. The markets, Soho, meeting my estranged aunt that noones talked to in 20 years, ISH, some of the other horrid people in the program, and everything else. But as I said, it's overwhelming and I jsut cant tell you everything. Maybe I ought to keep a diary, or maybe you should call. Its too much colour and lights and scents and textures to write down. But it is wonderful. Wonderful and scary and new. I do miss everyone. Alot. So email me, comment here, our internet is skecthy so I dont know how much Ill be on AIM but IM me. Let me whats going on.

My granpa's last chemo appointment is today (monday) and I know he will be fine. Please keep him in your thoughts though. Love keeps the world from throwing herself into the sun. A little more love cant hurt.

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