March 28th, 2006

Udate le Third..Be warned. Its long..

Yes. I know. Its been a while. I have not been very good about keeping my friends abreast of what all is going on in London. Although I feel that if you truely wanted to know you would ask me and I have been fortunate enough to correspond with many of my friends either via email or AIM which i am not on as much as i should be. Ok. Apologises are made, now on to the update of glory.

Austria was amazing. Shari and I climbed a fucking mountain and as such now claim Austria for ourselves. Free beer and snow to the first 50 takers. I also went to Amsterdam over St. Patricks day weekend. My internship paid for me to go as we did have to particiapate in a free speech debate with Oxfam. I also had a fever of 101, a sore throat, and a deadly cough, but needless to say I was not missing out on a free trip to Amsterdam. Plus, I heard that Amsterdam was known for their "herbal remedies" Thank you Oxfam for paying for my weed. And yes, it is weird to enjoy in slighty illegal drugs with a co-worker ou have only known for two months. My mother btw sent me 50 Euro before I went with the note "don't let this all go up in smoke" written in the card. Im not positive but I think my mother gave me drug money. And you wonder why I am what I am. Besides teh cafes of course Amsterdam is a beautiful city. It is built around canals much like Venice and all of the buildings lean slightly forward so that things may be lifted through windows because the stair cases are too narrow to bring things up them. There was also a gorgeous museum with many works by Rembrant. I apologize to any Dutch people as I had no idea they had so much history nor even that thye had a golden period in the 1600s. Who knew?

There is only three weeks left of my internship and this program. I am not quite sure how it happened but everything has absolutley flown past. I am desperate to get home to be with my friends and my family including my grandfather who has officially beaten cancer!!!! There is also a new baby cousin to visit and a friend's sister who will be having a baby shortly after I return. However, even with all of that to look forward to I am still sad that my programs ends so early. There is still so much of England that I want to see and explore, but I suppose I have my whole life to do so.

My dad and brother are visiting me right now, although my brother is in Scotland for a few days and my father has gone to fetch his fiance from the airport... I am supposed to be studing for finals right now, but as you are well aware-I am not. I am going to take them to Bath on Saturday which is about an hour and a half outside of London. It was a main city when the Romans were in England and still has hot water baths crafted out of the rock bed, hence the name. Its been a interesting last few weeks as everyone's mothers or boyfirends have been visiting an dthe flat has seen more people in it than ever. I must admit, although I have no desire for a serious relationship it's been hard to once again become a third wheel. Instead I choose to go out to the clubs and indulge in the kinds of fun that my friends with boyfriends could not. Mostly, it has just been nice to have so many new people in the flat. Dad, Susan and Ian have a really nice studio in zone two in a really nice area and it's great to have a refuge for when i need to get out of the flat as we are starting to drive each other a little nuts.

After the three more weeks of my program I am supposed ot go to either Italy which SHari (who I havent heard from) or to Spain, with one of the other girls on my program. I will then be visiting an Aunt I've never met in Wales for Easter which hsould be fun if not a little strange. After Wales I will be heading to Ireland for ten days to visit friends of the family. I will also get to visit Ciaran, who some of you have met when he was in the states a few summers ago. He lives in Galway which is on the west coast of Ireland and so I will get to see him for a weekend. Needless to say I am very excited for that. The more I plan for Ireland the more time I want to spend there. Even just looking at the pictures makes me wish for nothing more than to be there right now. I fear it has captured my heart already and I wont want to leave.

My dad, as a special treat bought me Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly and the jaw-droppingly-amazing Matthew MacFayden. I have wathced it three times in the four days since they have been here and it is completely preventing me from getting any work done. I am completely infatuated with this story. I have also rented the BBC version which the outstanding and gorgeous Colin Firth and read the book...twice. Like many htings I cannot just enjoy it, I must obbsess about it. Altough I have obbsessed over many a stupider thing. I can feel the changes that I have gone through since I have been here. I feel more settle, more sure of myself, more sure of what I want to do and where I want to go. I also have been re-thinking my extreme stance on marriage, or my lack of desire to be so. As Elizabeth Bennet says "I am determined that nothing but the deepest love could ever induce me into matrimony." but that is still a step forward from never I believe. England brings out the romantic in me. Although it has been rather disapointing as well, no one has bowed to me once, or even doffed his cap. For shame- I shall place all my hopes therefore on Irish gentlemen. However, I believe it is time for me to return to my studies and I have taken up quite enough of your time. Much love to everyone.
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