~* Mhari *~ (blueinsanity) wrote,
~* Mhari *~

This comes from watching too much DA and X-Files before I go to bed

1)It was my time to die. I was falling from above the clouds and it was beutiful, I knew that as soon as I hit the water I would be dead and it would hurt like hell but i would die. I really enjoyed looking around at everything around me, and there was a another person next to me who was screaming but I couldnt hear them. I hit the water but instead of it hurting or me dying I just swan dove into the water, and was kind of pissed that i got cheated.

2)I'm working for God (who is a woman) and its my job to deliver packages for Her. And btw She was a BITCH. I saw David Duchovney tied to a table in the other room and i tried to run to him but the table just kept pulling away from. I went to go lie down on a couch cause i was tired of delivering packages and God started yelling for me.

3) I'm in some military compound/train facility/treasure hunt in a group that I am trying to get out of. I was 'biog sister' the oldest and in charge, then there was 'big brother' 'little brother' 'little sister' and we're all trying to get out. People are trying to kill us. Its a very sunny jungle. I lead them into a phone booth sort of thing where we find a sivler metalic instrument. This guy catches us and wants to know what we're doing. I tell him Im just going to the bathroom but instead I use the device to transport all of us out of there. Suddenly I'm in the Jewel (which for those of you who know what this is, is actually where the Hungarian is located) All these people that I went to high school with are walking around outside. I ws talking to Sara Davidson and telling her how surprised I was that so many people stayed behind. I went into the Jewel to get supplies cause there was a ZOMBIE attack comming. I then met someone I used to know and we started having this conversation about what they were doing and where their brother was going to school next year. It that standard conversation you have with someone you havent seen in a long time but it was sad/awkward becasue we still missed each other.
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