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~~~SPOILER~~~~ If you havent read the books or seen the movie yet just skip this

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I am... disapointed...
There is, at this point in the series, no one who is just going to go in and see the movie without having a)seen the first movies or b)read all the books. We are not there to see an action movie with dragons breaking loose, or deadly bushes, we are there to see out characters develop. The book itself is not devoted to the tournement its just plot momentum, it is the build up to each event that is important. We learn how dependant Harry is on those around him, we learn why it is so important that Harry IS alone (by the end of the 6th book).
The movie was rushed beginning to end, it was just too fast. The people that are there to see it are WILLING to sit through 3 or 3.5 hours because of how much they have invested in to (look at Lord of the Rings). Yes the tournement is interesting but it was intense enough without the... "cliffhanger". Please give me my scence with Mrs Wesley hugging like the parent he never had. How about some emotuon for God's sake when you see your parents Harry!!

I will say however the acting is much better, although someone needs to talk to Emma about subtlety. In fact, that is my problem with the movies in general. JKR is such a subtle writer, everything EVERYTHING has a point. The directors have all been men, and see the movies as action/adventure, and miss the finesse that JKR brings to the books. Normally i prefer male directors but I think it may be time to give a woman a chance. The woman who did that Bill murray/ Scarlet Johanssen movie would be perfect.

It is a beautiful movie thoug and I hope you enjoy it.

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