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What the hell happened to social skills?

Examples you ask? Of course. I do what I can..

The two girls that stand on either side of me in choir. The girl on my right has absolutley no social skills what so ever. She's like 4'11" and looks like she hasnt brushed her hair since birth. She will also just constantly talk and randomly say things and then laugh at it. Its so awkward, she reminds me of, well I wont say who she is like but a certian swim team member I was in high school with. The other girl is that snotty bitchy choir girl who thinks she is Gods gift to choir by constantly muttering "We're speeding" or "I'm so lucky to have perfect pitch" It's so obnoxiious, she reminds me of, well I wont say who she is like but pretty much every person who was in choir or theatre in HS.

The guys up here at school are just the sorriest example of men I have ever met. I saw one guy let a door slam on the girl behind him whose arms were full of food. Getting off the bus this guy spit right next to this girls foot. Even some of the guys I know are just completly lack in basic good manners. They are flat out rude without provocation and completely mysogenystic. While there are of course some flat out lost causes, there are others who should just know better. I look forward to going to London and Europe where manners and culture are a badge of honor, not a "queer thing".

Basic social skills folks. It may even help you get laid.

Krizza tagged me.. How can I say no?
list 10 things that bring you joy and then tag 6 friends to do the same.

1. My bed (esp with flannel or jersey sheets)
2. Obsessing about things with friends (Buffy,Harry Potter,Lost,DA)
3. A really engrossing book
4. Christmas Carols
5. Spending time with my family
6. Playing board games
7. Live Irish music
8. Sleepovers!!
9. Taking long car trips while blasting music and singing along
10. Dancing like no one's watching (even if they are)

Tag: Laura, Minerva, Kuro (out of sheer amusment), Tina, Genessa, Stephan
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