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Tagged by Jeffery

Name 20 facts about yourself, then tag as many people as minutes it takes you to finish.

Start: 8:19 pm GMT

1. I can't stop going to the gormet pastry shop across the street
2. But its ok cause I'm walking two hours a day
3. I've been listening to the The Killers "Mr. Brightside" on repeat for a week
4. I would love to learn how to shoot a gun
5. My friends really are everything to me
6. I've been thinking about joining the army
7. Jeffery has put up with me teasing him for 8 years and he's one of my favorite people for doing so.
8. My flat in London scares me because it has no defenses for a zombie attack
9. Minerva and Shannon are a zombie Nazis (No, it's not about me, but I think people need to know it)
10. I don't get addicted to anything but get completely obsessed with everything
11. Doot doot doot, honey I shrunk the kids
12. Whatever happened to Rick Morranis? I loved Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Little Shop of Horrors
13. You remember Steve Martin in that movie? Bloody brilliant! "Oooooh Mama!"
14. The International Action Network on Small Arms is a lot more network than it is action
15. One day I will be an amazing beat-boxer!
16. Baths are ten times better than showers!
17. The best part of my day is walking to/from work listening to my mp3 player
18. I'm going to learn how to cook Jew food while I'm here and teach my flatmates about noodle kugel
19. Accents drive me wild!!
20. LLAMA!!!!

Finish: 8:54 damn that took a long time

Ok ok well Beth isnt getting tagged cause shes just so damp popular, Kristina already did it (and didnt tag me so shes not geting tagged) Jeff tagged me, so who does that leave? Genessa (whenever she so chooses to read my LJ) Laura, Shannon (or Sugar Daddy as I call him), Minerva, and Corey (cause he's in Israel and bored!) have fun.
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