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Updoot the Second

London is absolutley amazing. Some days I'll just wander around around turning down streets that I haven't yet gone and find beautiful old churches or lively pubs or amazing shops. One day I was early for work so I continued walking down the street and discovered an old graveyard (pictures on www.flickr.com/photos/mharihelen). The graveyard is old, so old that many of the words once ethced into stone have eroded away. The ones can still read date back to the 1500s. The stones are thin and look as though a strong wind could pick them up and remove any trace of the dead that lie there. The stones are green with moss that has dyed the cold gray stones. In the mornings there is a cold mist that rises just about the ground and all the noises of the street disapear. What is left is quiet, peacful, and magic.

My internship is amazing. I work in one large room with that is wall to wall papers, old reports, and anti-gun posters.There nine people who I work with and they could not be nicer or more supportive. International Action Network on Small Arms is alot more network than action. We are the puppet masters to groups all over the world. I have been spending my time reading through government debates finding support for arms controls and an arms trade treaty. I have been researching countries to prepare guides for photographers who will be traveling there. My hard work seems to have paid off as IANSA will be sending me to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for a weekend to represent the organization at a hip hop festival Oxfam is having!! We are all working towards the Review Conference at the United Nations in June/July. Becuase alot of what I have been doing wil be in preperation for this conference I have asked to be one of the interns they use. So hopefully I will spend a month at home and then fly to New York for the RevCon.

February 24th-27th I will be visiting my friend Shari in Salburg, Austria. I'm really excited to see her and hopefully we'll be able to sstuff alot into that one weekend. Salburg and Vienna are supposed to have some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. There is the possiblity that we will go to Vienna Italy at teh beginning of April. My dad and Susan and Ian are comming to visit me at the end of March and my mom might be comming at the end of my program. there is so much to look forward too that time is just flying by! I've been here nearly two months and have two months left to go.

The other people in my program are absolutley brilliant. We've gone clubbing and nearly took home a whole rugby team! We've hit the pubs (even one memorable time with our International Management teacher)! We saw The Lion King (even if its not high theatre). And even had a cocktail party. Tomorrow I'm going to Covent Garden and on Sunday Andrea and I are taking the train to the sea coast. Glorious.

Everything is illuminated-old and new, stone and grass, pubs and clubs! I love it.

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