~* Mhari *~ (blueinsanity) wrote,
~* Mhari *~

Is that a 4th update? So soon?

Why yes. Yes, you deserve an update.

Wednesday night: Andrea’s last night. We get dolled up and head out to Walkabout for their student night. Cheap drinks ensure we will have enough money to get home, Hot guys ensure we have fun. I dance, I make a complete idiot out of myself, but I have fun. Andrea teaches a group of Chinese student how to “mow the lawn” and “start the car”. God bless the 80s. Everyone is leaving and Andrea still has to pack-we head home, help her pack, and say the first of our goodbyes.

Thursday: I awake earlier than I had wanted to. It was my first Thursday without classes in 10 weeks, and knowing that I didn’t have to get up for anything special I decided that I would treat myself and sleep till noon. At 9:00 my eyes spring awake and no amount of internal cajoling will make them close again. Oh well. As I wait on the couch in our living room I notice that the sun has finally decided to shine upon London. As Laura stumbles into the room with a bowl of cereal I jab my finger towards the window. Look! Sun! We decide that today is finally the day we can fulfil the one requirement we made when we first got here: have a picnic in Regents Park. Our flatmates Nikki and Mallory are going to Spain later in the day so they don’t want to join us-fine. We go to FSU one last time to drop off our books and head towards the park. It’s a gorgeous day. Hot sun, cool wind, and the trees and flowers are finally blooming. It will still be another month or two before the trees are green again, but the flowers are perfect. We sit right near the lake and watch the people in paddleboats. We recite the limerick from Bridget Jones Diary (because we’re sitting exactly where it was filmed) and laugh. We eat our lunches and just lay back and catch some sunlight. Later we have a goodbye dinner with the rest of the program. We’re not really looking forward to it mostly because the only people we like have already left or are on a trip. We get really really stoned. We decide to walk through the park to help us sober up-it doesn’t help. At All. (Dinner is a great story but needs to be told in person).

Friday: Museums- the Victoria and Albert, which I have been to so I take my charcoals and a sketch pad and work on my shading while Laura wanders around. After a couple of hours we cross the street to the Science Museum. Madness ensues! I run around with children and I touch everything. I’ve tired myself out and I want to go home and sleep. The flat decides to watch Moulin Rouge and we sing ourselves silly.

Saturday: We’ve agreed to entertain Mallory’s friend Bree who is staying with us even though Mal is in Spain. We decide to take in a matinee of Les Miserables. It is Spectacular Spectacular, still my favourite musical of all time. We stop in the Albany for a couple of drinks and I discover STRAWBERRY beer. It was lovely. When we get back I aim our friend Samantha who has been asking to have a Pride and Prejudice movie night. When she comes down our friend Dan is with her. I’m not sure why, but Dan sits and watches the whole movie with us, even laughing along. I assure Dan that telling women he has watched this movie will get him laid for the rest of his life. He tell just smiles.

Sunday: Laziest day ever. Didn’t even walk outside the apartment once.

What a perfect weekend. <3
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