~* Mhari *~ (blueinsanity) wrote,
~* Mhari *~

Now,this may destroy the livejournal site. In fact the site may not be able to handel the lack of emo that the statement I am about make has. Theres no Manson playing in the back ground. And absolutely no elipses:

I had a great day. I am happy and well ajudsted.

For today. I finally viewed an apartment that wasnt dirty, or moldy, or completely unlivable. Yes, the application is completed. I will email pic to Tina and Scott and fax them the apps if they like the place. And rent, you may ask? A mere $655 a month + ultil. I am justifyable excited. I just want it done with.

Deanna and Bailye are letting me crash at their place while looking for a place to live and its been a blast. They were out at D's parents today so I had the whole place to myself. After the rave and orgy ended I made some lunch and watched a weird conglomeration of movies: end of the Notebook, Closer, most of Bride and Predjucie (the Bollywood P&P in case youre wondering) and Ocean's 12. Decided to get in car and go shopping (bad idea to start with as i just paid off an $800 credit card bill!!! Damn you London-still haunting me). SHIT! I dont have change for the tolls. I must be sneaky and see if i can get there using a different route. ADVENTURE!!!!! Music blasting! Hair whipping in wind. I am so cool and so very lost. Finally get there. First purchase is very sexy Versace knockoff sunglasses. Bought very sexy shirt from PAC SUN and then bought a very sexy pair of black pants in GAP then found out they were 40% off so i bought another pair in a different colour! Overall I felt very good about myself. Which is a completely foreign feeling so I almost didnt reconize it. And then drove home in new sunglasses windows down TOWARDS THE SUNSET listening to The WHO and The Killers. Like a fucking movie.

Man, if all I have to do is spend $60 on new clothes and $40 on gas to feeling about myself how good I felt today, I'd say its $100 well spent. Cause you know what I realized today? Im fucking awesome. And so are you. Man I love you guys. <3 LOVE <3 LOVE <3 LOVE

If I start to skip someone please shoot me
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