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what the hell

Ten random things about yourself.
10. My super-power involves the cunning manipulation of gravity
09. I have the sick sense
08. They're real
07. My tears cure cancer. Too bad I never cry.
06. I know the last digit of Pi
04. I died so many years ago, but you can make me feel, like it isnt so
03. Is my lucky number
02. I support Team Brangelina
01. I play a major role in the appocalypse but I don't know which side I'm on.

Nine movies that you love. (in no specific order)
9. Boondock Saints
8. Lion King
7. Brokeback Mountain
6. Moulin Rouge
5. Devil's Advocate
4. Pride and Prejudice
3. Fight Club
2. Lord of the Rings
1. Princess Bride

Eight things that you hate.
8. Stupidity
7. Ignorance
6. Blind faith
5. Whirled Peas
4. Hangovers
3. Spandex
2. Whistling
1. Plans getting fucked up at the last minute

Seven things you did today.
7. Had a very interesting dream
6. Played Marco Polo
5. Solved another friend's crisis
4. Read an article about Oprah
3. Ate Chinese food (on a Sunday? Must be a Jew)
2. Read "America: The Book"
1. Wore Red White and Blue

Six words you'd use to describe yourself.
6. Overrated
5. Overwhelming
4. Overtired
3. Underlined
2. Understanding
1. Under black light I glow purple

Five things you are thinking now.
5. I am so relieved that my granpa is home
4. I shouldnt have had that ice cream
3. Screw bold and italics. I want to write in sarcastic
2. This survey is a waste of time
1. I'm going to sleep till noon tomorrow

Four things you are waiting for.
4. Wuv. Twu Wuv.
3. Godot
2. The Ultimate Question. (The answer is 42)
1. That damn Number 4 bus

Three things you regret.
3. Forget Regret
2. Or life is
1. Yours to miss

Two websites you often visit.
1. The Superficial

One thing that has changed your life forever.
1. A music box
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