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Name 20 facts about yourself, then tag as many people as minutes it takes you to finish.

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1. I can't stop going to the gormet pastry shop across the street
2. But its ok cause I'm walking two hours a day
3. I've been listening to the The Killers "Mr. Brightside" on repeat for a week
4. I would love to learn how to shoot a gun
5. My friends really are everything to me
6. I've been thinking about joining the army
7. Jeffery has put up with me teasing him for 8 years and he's one of my favorite people for doing so.
8. My flat in London scares me because it has no defenses for a zombie attack
9. Minerva and Shannon are a zombie Nazis (No, it's not about me, but I think people need to know it)
10. I don't get addicted to anything but get completely obsessed with everything
11. Doot doot doot, honey I shrunk the kids
12. Whatever happened to Rick Morranis? I loved Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Little Shop of Horrors
13. You remember Steve Martin in that movie? Bloody brilliant! "Oooooh Mama!"
14. The International Action Network on Small Arms is a lot more network than it is action
15. One day I will be an amazing beat-boxer!
16. Baths are ten times better than showers!
17. The best part of my day is walking to/from work listening to my mp3 player
18. I'm going to learn how to cook Jew food while I'm here and teach my flatmates about noodle kugel
19. Accents drive me wild!!
20. LLAMA!!!!

Finish: 8:54 damn that took a long time

Ok ok well Beth isnt getting tagged cause shes just so damp popular, Kristina already did it (and didnt tag me so shes not geting tagged) Jeff tagged me, so who does that leave? Genessa (whenever she so chooses to read my LJ) Laura, Shannon (or Sugar Daddy as I call him), Minerva, and Corey (cause he's in Israel and bored!) have fun.
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Update the First

London is overwhelming. There is so much to do and see and go to and taste and buy and experience and I love it. My roommate, Laura is very cool, very laid back, and reminds me a bit of Eina so it's been a smooth transition. My flatmates are allright, very nice but soroity girls. Our flat is TINY compared to everyone elses. A few more trips to Camden Markets though and I'll have enough colorful blankets and such to make it home-y. Pictures of the flat can be found on www.flickr.com/photos/mharihelen so I won't go into too much detail. I've realized that I cannot cook whatsoever and its much harder to do when you dont infact have anything in your cabinets. So far its been a diet of cereal and hotdogs, but as i love both I'm not et complaining. Unfortuantley for me my internship and classes dont start until next monday so I have a whole week off that everyone else doesnt. I considered going back up to Scotland but decided to check out some of Britains free museums.

I had read on mugglenet.com that they were holding open auditions for Luna Lovegood (a character in the Harry Potter for those of you who dont like how JK writes and therefore have not read the books signaling you out from understanding what I mean) in the next HP movie. Well I live in London right? Laura and I decided it owuld be a laugh to head down to the try-outs and see if we could get in, being neither british or 16 it wasn't a strong possibility. And then we saw the line... there was 15,000 people there waiting for their chance. So of course I took some pictures. Well I sent in a few of the pictures to mugglenet and am now disp[layed proudly so you MUST go check out http://www.mugglenet.com/index.shtml and see my name in all its glory. Mugglenetter Mhari. I like the sound of it.

Omg, theres just so much to tlak about. The markets, Soho, meeting my estranged aunt that noones talked to in 20 years, ISH, some of the other horrid people in the program, and everything else. But as I said, it's overwhelming and I jsut cant tell you everything. Maybe I ought to keep a diary, or maybe you should call. Its too much colour and lights and scents and textures to write down. But it is wonderful. Wonderful and scary and new. I do miss everyone. Alot. So email me, comment here, our internet is skecthy so I dont know how much Ill be on AIM but IM me. Let me whats going on.

My granpa's last chemo appointment is today (monday) and I know he will be fine. Please keep him in your thoughts though. Love keeps the world from throwing herself into the sun. A little more love cant hurt.

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I'm here, I'm safe, and relativly sober. Longer update to come once my prog starts.

I just wanted to leave my new # in case you have a phone card:

0781 203 1390

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More thoughts

Yesterday I went down to see "Brokeback Mountain". This isn't a review post (it was amazing though, go see it now) or a commentary on the hotness of the actors (i could bite off every single freckle on Heath Ledgers face) its a reflection.

I believe, completely believe, that Love the hardest thing we will ever do. Love that you see in those damn Meg Ryan movies isn't real love. Love isnt simple misunderstandings, Love is an all out war. Some of the best movies I have seen have this darkness of the heart in them: American Beauty, Moulin Rouge, Eternal Sunshine, and recently Brokeback Mountain. It's why I followed Buffy/Spike as opposed to Buffy/Angel. They suffer and fight and die for it. Pop culture references I know but they really mean something to me. Yes, the people are in are in love, and most of the time that love is returned, but they suffer. They fight for their love. They fight for the moments that make love everything those pop singers and chick-flick movie producers don't understand. Love isn't valentines day red it's that dark thick blood red, and its the most beautiful "color". If Love was easy it woulld be flat, it would be so common and sit-com-y. Instead Love is everything that makes you want to die and makes you want to soar. Love is the most powerful thing, the most beautiful thing, and the most glorious thing anyone can hope for. But before that, Love must be wretched and hard and painful and low. Otherwise I don't think it will last, otherwise, I don't think it's worth it. I don't think it's Love.

This could of course explain why I don't look for love. It may in fact explain why I cannot keep a boyfriend, what guy wants that?

I am completely in love and in despair with Love.
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We're defined by the roommates we've had, the parties we've attended, the classes we've taken, the people we've kissed and those that we've missed. Nights of laughter, tears, hellos, goodbyes, I'm sorry's, I'll call you's, and everything in between. Most of all, we are the friendships we've made and the bonds we've built. The people fade, but the memories never will. Glorious, simply glorious

One week.

If you're in Skokie make sure I see you.

Oh, btw: My internship is going to take me to the United Nations where I will be attending if nto participating in a presentation to Genreal Assembly. How fucking cool eh?
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Dear Mhari,

I have wonderful news for you…Our London Program Director found an excellent internship opportunity for you at IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms). It is rare that an organization wishes to interview an internship candidate before their arrival in London, but in this case, it is what the circumstances call for. An IANSA representative (most likely their UN Liaison, Laura Haigh), wishes to interview you within the next two weeks. It is possible that more than one person may be involved on the IANSA side of the phone interview. Please email me back the times and dates that you could be made available for an interview between the 12th and the 23rd of December, 9am to noon, your time, since London is several hours ahead of us. Also, please include the phone number at which you can be reached for the dates mentioned above. IANSA is excited about speaking with you and feels that an intern would be of tremendous help to their organization from January through April.

What is IANSA?

The International Action Network on Small Arms is the global network of civil society organisations working to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons (SALW). World attention is increasingly focused on the humanitarian impact of these weapons, and IANSA brings together the voices and activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and concerned individuals across the world to prevent their deadly effects.

Founded in 1998, IANSA has grown rapidly to more than 500 participant groups in nearly 100 countries, with representation from many gun-affected regions. IANSA is composed of a wide range of organisations concerned with small arms, including policy development organisations, national gun control groups, research institutes, aid agencies, faith groups, victims, human rights and community action organisations.

Best wishes to you and good luck on finals and end of the year “stuff”!

^__________________________^ La la la la la JOY
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Grain of Sand

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What the hell happened to social skills?

Examples you ask? Of course. I do what I can..

The two girls that stand on either side of me in choir. The girl on my right has absolutley no social skills what so ever. She's like 4'11" and looks like she hasnt brushed her hair since birth. She will also just constantly talk and randomly say things and then laugh at it. Its so awkward, she reminds me of, well I wont say who she is like but a certian swim team member I was in high school with. The other girl is that snotty bitchy choir girl who thinks she is Gods gift to choir by constantly muttering "We're speeding" or "I'm so lucky to have perfect pitch" It's so obnoxiious, she reminds me of, well I wont say who she is like but pretty much every person who was in choir or theatre in HS.

The guys up here at school are just the sorriest example of men I have ever met. I saw one guy let a door slam on the girl behind him whose arms were full of food. Getting off the bus this guy spit right next to this girls foot. Even some of the guys I know are just completly lack in basic good manners. They are flat out rude without provocation and completely mysogenystic. While there are of course some flat out lost causes, there are others who should just know better. I look forward to going to London and Europe where manners and culture are a badge of honor, not a "queer thing".

Basic social skills folks. It may even help you get laid.

Krizza tagged me.. How can I say no?
list 10 things that bring you joy and then tag 6 friends to do the same.

1. My bed (esp with flannel or jersey sheets)
2. Obsessing about things with friends (Buffy,Harry Potter,Lost,DA)
3. A really engrossing book
4. Christmas Carols
5. Spending time with my family
6. Playing board games
7. Live Irish music
8. Sleepovers!!
9. Taking long car trips while blasting music and singing along
10. Dancing like no one's watching (even if they are)

Tag: Laura, Minerva, Kuro (out of sheer amusment), Tina, Genessa, Stephan
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~~~SPOILER~~~~ If you havent read the books or seen the movie yet just skip this

[Unknown LJ tag]

I am... disapointed...
There is, at this point in the series, no one who is just going to go in and see the movie without having a)seen the first movies or b)read all the books. We are not there to see an action movie with dragons breaking loose, or deadly bushes, we are there to see out characters develop. The book itself is not devoted to the tournement its just plot momentum, it is the build up to each event that is important. We learn how dependant Harry is on those around him, we learn why it is so important that Harry IS alone (by the end of the 6th book).
The movie was rushed beginning to end, it was just too fast. The people that are there to see it are WILLING to sit through 3 or 3.5 hours because of how much they have invested in to (look at Lord of the Rings). Yes the tournement is interesting but it was intense enough without the... "cliffhanger". Please give me my scence with Mrs Wesley hugging like the parent he never had. How about some emotuon for God's sake when you see your parents Harry!!

I will say however the acting is much better, although someone needs to talk to Emma about subtlety. In fact, that is my problem with the movies in general. JKR is such a subtle writer, everything EVERYTHING has a point. The directors have all been men, and see the movies as action/adventure, and miss the finesse that JKR brings to the books. Normally i prefer male directors but I think it may be time to give a woman a chance. The woman who did that Bill murray/ Scarlet Johanssen movie would be perfect.

It is a beautiful movie thoug and I hope you enjoy it.


This comes from watching too much DA and X-Files before I go to bed

1)It was my time to die. I was falling from above the clouds and it was beutiful, I knew that as soon as I hit the water I would be dead and it would hurt like hell but i would die. I really enjoyed looking around at everything around me, and there was a another person next to me who was screaming but I couldnt hear them. I hit the water but instead of it hurting or me dying I just swan dove into the water, and was kind of pissed that i got cheated.

2)I'm working for God (who is a woman) and its my job to deliver packages for Her. And btw She was a BITCH. I saw David Duchovney tied to a table in the other room and i tried to run to him but the table just kept pulling away from. I went to go lie down on a couch cause i was tired of delivering packages and God started yelling for me.

3) I'm in some military compound/train facility/treasure hunt in a group that I am trying to get out of. I was 'biog sister' the oldest and in charge, then there was 'big brother' 'little brother' 'little sister' and we're all trying to get out. People are trying to kill us. Its a very sunny jungle. I lead them into a phone booth sort of thing where we find a sivler metalic instrument. This guy catches us and wants to know what we're doing. I tell him Im just going to the bathroom but instead I use the device to transport all of us out of there. Suddenly I'm in the Jewel (which for those of you who know what this is, is actually where the Hungarian is located) All these people that I went to high school with are walking around outside. I ws talking to Sara Davidson and telling her how surprised I was that so many people stayed behind. I went into the Jewel to get supplies cause there was a ZOMBIE attack comming. I then met someone I used to know and we started having this conversation about what they were doing and where their brother was going to school next year. It that standard conversation you have with someone you havent seen in a long time but it was sad/awkward becasue we still missed each other.